GSM Abis interface - Layer 3 procedures

The A bis interface is located between the BSC (base station controller) and the BTS (base transceiver station).

Standard reference: GSM 08-58 2, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Abreviation BSC to BTS interface: Layer 3 procedures
RLM Radio Link Layer Management.
DCM Dedicated Channel Management.
CCM Common Channel Management.
TRX Transceiver Management.
O&M Operating and Maintenance.

Radio Link layer Management messages

Standard reference: GSM 08-58 3, 8.3, 9.2, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Abreviation Code Radio link layer management
DATA-REQ 01 Data request.
DATA-IND 02 Data indication.
ERROR-IND 03 Error indication.
IS-REQ 04 Establish request.
IS-CONF 05 Establish confirm.
IS-IND 06 Establish indication.
REL-REQ 07 Release request.
REL-CONF 08 Release confirm.
REL-IND 09 Release indication.
UNIT-DT-REQ 0A Unit data request.
UNIT-DT-IND 0B Unit data indication.

Dedicated Channel Management messages

Standard reference: GSM 08-58 4, 8.4, 9.2, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Abreviation Code Dedicated Channel Management
BS-POWER-CTRL 30 Base Station power control.
CHAN-ACT 21 Channel activation.
CHAN-ACT-ACK 22 Channel activation acknowledge.
CHAN-ACT-NACK 23 Channel activation negative acknowledge.
CONN-FAILURE 24 Connection failure.
ENCRYPT-COMM 26 Encryption command.
HANDOVER-DET 27 Handover detection.
MEASURE-RES 28 Measurement result.
MODE-MOD-ACK 2A Mode modify acknowledge.
MODE-MOD-NACK 2B Mode modify negative acknowledge.
MODE-MOD-REQ 29 Mode modify request.
MS-POWER-CTRL 2F Mobile System power control.
PHYS-CON-CONF 2D Physical context confirm.
PHYS-CON-REQ 2C Physical context request.
PREP-MEAS-RES 32 Preprocessed measurement result.
PREPROC-CONF 31 Pre-processing configuration.
RF-CH-REL-ACK 33 RF channels release acknowledge.
RF-CHANN-REL 2E Radio Frequency channel release.

Common Channel Management messages

Standard reference: GSM 08-58 5, 8.5, 9.2, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Abreviation Code Common Channel Management
BCCH-INFO 11 BCCH information.
CCCH-LOAD-IND 12 CCCH load indication.
CHANNEL-RQD 13 Channel required.
DELETE-IND 14 Delete indication.
IMM-ASS-COM 16 Immediate assign command.
PAGING-CMD 15 Paging command.
SMS-BC-REQ 17 SMS broadcast request.

TRX Management messages

Standard reference: GSM 08-58 6, 8.6, 9.2, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Code Abreviation TRX Management
19 RF-RES-IND Radio frequency resource indication.
1B OVERLOAD Overload.
1C ERR-REP Error report.

Abreviation Code TRX Management
ERR-REP 1C Error report.
OVERLOAD 1B Overload.
RF-RES-IND 19 Radio frequency resource indication.

Operating & Maintenance messages

Standard reference: GSM 08-59, BSC to BTS - Layer 3

Abreviation Code Operating & Maintenance
O&M Message 80 Operation and maintenance messages.
MMI Transfer 40 Man/machine interface transfer.
TRAU O&M 20 Transcoder/transfer rate adapter unit.


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updated:  27-Feb-04